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Candy Christopher
I'm Candy Christopher.
I bring new meaning to the concept of "Open Marriage" and I take whoring around to a whole new level ... My site is a true, ongoing "documentary" of my lifestyle as a married woman undeniably hooked on fucking men other than my husband. For years, my husband had this fantasy of me fucking another man then coming home and telling him about it. One night, I met a guy at the gym, went home with him and let him fuck me. It was the best fuck I'd ever had and once I felt his cock in me, I knew one man would never be enough for me again. Every one of my pictures and videos on this site started with me meeting a guy in a bar, online, at the gym or someplace else and letting him fuck me ... either one on one or in front of my husband. If you're looking for a site that's actually about real life with no models, no 'photo shoots' and no content exchanged with other websites, you've found it. I'm 100% for real.


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